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The commercial tofu machine adopts all-stainless steel structure and hygienic design. It has the advantages of grinding beans and slag once, automatic heating and boiling, easy to operate, fast, safe and reliable, clean and hygienic, and beautiful appearance. Use normal pressure steam to heat the boiled pulp to avoid the smell of soy milk. From the 50L soy milk to the boiling point, it only takes about 25 minutes. It is convenient and quick: from refining to tofu finished product, one piece of equipment needs only one person to operate. Multi-purpose machine can produce soy milk, bean curd, bean flower, etc.
Tofu machine Characteristics:
1. It adopts stainless steel structure, simple structure and convenient and quick cleaning.
2. Grinding bean slag is completed once, and the soymilk concentration flow meter is controlled.
3. Built-in steam generator, automatic water, automatic heating and cooking.
Tender bean curd
Firm tofu
Fruit and vegetable tofu
Technical Data Sheet:

Power(KW)Capacity of TOFU(kg/h)Dimensions(mm)

Double box tofu machine220
Three boxes of tofu machine220
Four boxes of tofu machine220
Six boxes of tofu machine220

First, the soaked soybean is processed by high speed separation mill, and the soybean residue is discharged. The soybean milk produced by steam is heated to get rid of the fishy, homogenized cooking, and the nutritive soy products can be produced by adding auxiliary raw materials to defoaming, emulsifying, solidifying and forming.Do tofu, the need to increase Bean product pressing machine just OK.
The Enterprises and institutions cafeteria, dining room, breakfast shop, traditional market, supermarket, and so on, business districts do on the spot presently buy the fresh soybean milk, the peanut thick liquid tofu and so on.
The automatic type tofu machine realizes the automation of the tofu production process and has the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, time-saving, pollution-free and noise-free.We can custom design it to suit customers needs.
Our Services
1. Pre-sales service:
Sales person, project manager, technology engineer, Professional accountants: would be very fast and exactly to send your offers
2. Online/sale service
Super and solid quality
Fast delivery
Standard export package or as your demand
3. After-sales service
Assistance to build factory
Repairing and maintenance if any problem occur in warranty
Installation and clerks training
Spare and wearing parts for free or with big discount
Any feedback of machines can be told us, and we will try our best to support
4. Other cooperation service
Technology knowledge share
Factory building advising
     Tofu Machine quotation

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