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The hardness of Komatsu Excavator Side Cutters is HRC46-52, it apply to light abrasion high abrasion applications-gravel and high abrasion and high impact applications-granite.Our Komatsu Excavator Side Cutters use 27MnTiB as raw material. Make the steel plate more wear-resistant and longer service life.
Therefore, if your construction machinery needs to be used in mines and other places for a long time, then this type of boron steel edge is very suitable.
Based on our special experience in steel material, we have more professional knowledge on the heat treatment. We can ensure good hardenability and providing better wear resistance. We have Germany Kjellberg CNC laser plasma cutting machine, China best auto-roller heat treatment line, higher-speed drilling machine, drilling-puching machine, etc.
Shandong Sun Wear Parts Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of high-quality construction machinery spare parts and service solutions for mining, construction, infrastructure and other industries. We has always been focusing on technological innovation and sustainable development, and our R & D capability, manufacturing ability and product quality are all at the top level in the worldwide.Excavator Side Cutter

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